Download your National ID (NID) Card and Print from Online

January 28, 2021
Hey, Are you a new Voter registered in 2019 and 2020? Didn't get you your National ID card or Smart Card? You can get it now.

এই পোষ্ট টি বাংলায় পড়তে চান? কিভাবে নতুন ভোটাররা অনলাইনে জাতীয় পরিচয় পত্র পাবেন
For Coronavirus crisis, Election commission has updated it's server to deliver NID card directly to voters. 2 days ago Bangladesh Election Commission has started SMS service to know NID card Number of any voter.

Here I'll show how you can find your new National ID Card Number and download full printed version pdf copy. This copy is not a temporary ID card or Online Copy, this is real ID card.
You just print with color printer and laminate. So let's know how you can find your NID number.

Find Your NID Number with SMS or from Online

See how to get your National Identification Number with SMS or from Online.

Know NID number with SMS

  1. Collect your Voter Registration Slip No (you got when you registered for NID)
  2. Now send SMS to 105 with your mobile in the following way
NID <space> Form No <space> DD-MM-YYYY (your date of birth)
which will look like bellow
NID 256485645 12-03-1999
and send to

In return SMS you will get your NID card Number.

Find Bangladesh NID Number from Online

If you find difficulty with SMS, You can find your National ID Card Number from online.
1. Go to NID card website
Find Bangladesh NID number online

2. Fill up the form, Put your form Number, your date of birth and Captcha Code. Now click on the button. You will find your National ID Card or Smart Card Number.
NID card number is 17 digit and Smart Card Number is 10 digit.
Now go for download your NID card print version.

Download your National ID card Printed Version

Now you are to complete the registration on Bangladesh NID application System
Follow the steps now.
1. Visit the link to Register on NID System
Get National ID card from Online

2. Write your National ID card Number (what you have got in the previous step), put your date of birth and write the 5 number or letters in the picture.

3. Now click on Submit Button. You will see the bellow page.

Now select your present address, Division, District and Upozila. Select also your permanent address and click on next পরবর্তী button.

4. If everything is correct, now your mobile will be verified. You will see the page like below.

Get Your National ID Card

You have to give your any Mobile number if the field is blank. There may be your number saved which you gave in NID registration form. You can change the phone number.

Write your active phone Number and click on Send SMS or বার্তা পাঠান

5. You will receive a 6 Digit Code. Now put the code correctly in the next page.

Download Bangladesh National ID card

6. If you did it successfully, you can see your Name. Now you have to set a password for your profile. With this password, you can again download your ID card if needed.

Get Bangladesh National ID card online

So, now click on Set Password button. Give minimum 8 digits strong password.

If everything is done, now you can see your picture and all information of National Identity Card in the dashboard. Now click on Download and you can download fully print version NID copy.

Download NID card print copy

Just print it and laminate carefully. Hope this tutorial will help you a lot.

If you don't see your NID card in the download option, it's sure your card is delivered to you or your local Election office. Then, you contact your local election commission office.

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See you with more helpful information. Have a good day.